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We at Maheshwari Granites deal with the finest granites available in the market, and we promise our customers that we will supply the materials with 100% genuine and assured quality. We ensure our customers that they can use granites from us in building there beautiful homes hassle free. At Maheshwari granites we not only supply our materials its our duty to make sure that customer is 100% satisfied by buying granites from us.

Granite is a natural stone that is well-known for its beauty and strength. India is known for producing the hardest and strongest granite, which comes in over 120 different colours. Granite is divided into two types in India: North Indian Granite and South Indian Granite.


There are several granite quarries located throughout India, each with its own distinct colour. The provided granite is ideal for kitchen countertops, wall cladding, flooring, and table tops and is available in tiles and slabs.


Himalayan Blue

Cat Eye

Mudagal Grey

Ilakal Red

Parada Gold


Vizag Blue

Tan Brown

Blue Pearl

Emerald Pearl

Blue Dunes

Red Multi


Hassan Green


Jet Black


Goverdhan Granites, a family-owned business, is a full-service quarrier and manufacturer of granite products located in Ilkal, Bagalkot District, Karnataka in 1999.

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