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Artifical Granites

Artifical Granites

Artifical Granites is made of polymer and filler. It is made to feel and appear like granite. Manufactures coat it with a glossy gel to give it a smooth and shiny look. Pigments may be used to create a variety of colors The fillers used make the cultured granite look akin to a natural granite. The mixture is shaped, toughened, polished and made durable before they are rolled out for sale or use. Artifical Granites is a manufactured product and may be available in various shades and colors They are exotic, durable, less expensive, water and mid dew resistant and stain and scratch resistant.


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Goverdhan Granites, a family-owned business, is a full-service quarrier and manufacturer of granite products located in Ilkal, Bagalkot District, Karnataka in 1999.

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